Support us

Our community housing project is based on the solidarity principle. It could not exist without the support of many individuals – not without you!

We want our project to be created by people to serve people. We would like the general public to benefit from it as well, not just the residents of our houses. We aim to create a model project that will prove that even in the Czech Republic it is possible for an alternative form of stable and cheap housing to function. The project could open doors to others who dream about this kind of living but do not know how to make their dreams come true.

Houses within the Shared Houses network have more than merely residential use. We want them to play an active and positive role in their immediate vicinity and to be an important asset to local communities.

These houses should serve as food banks supporting local farmers, “stores” to exchange clothing and other free goods or nice cafés with film screenings or discussions on current social issues.

How you can support us?


70 % of the property price was lent to us by the German foundation Umverteilen! But we need your help with the rest. At the moment, you can help us the most by giving us a direct loan. You can find out everything important in the links below, you can also use our online calculator to see what would the different support options look like and how much money we would eventually pay you back.

If you want to support us with a smaller amount, you can send a donation on

Spread the word

Tell your friends, relatives and colleagues about our project. It is always a great help to extend the circle of people interested in the cause and possibly willing to support us actively. Like our Facebook page and invite your friends to like it. Are you a journalist? Do you work in media or know anyone who does? Any media coverage of our project would be fantastic.